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Finding the best Boulder moving company before uprooting your life and moving is essential to making the move as stress-free as possible. This is true whether the move is local, long-distance, or takes you halfway around the world. We are one of the many good moving companies around Boulder, so what makes us pound for pound, the best moving company at your service? Simple – we are a company that can meet all your needs while providing friendly, professional service and making sure you get treated with the respect you deserve.

Decide If You Need a Local Moving Company in Boulder or Long-Distance Movers

When searching through Boulder professional moving companies, it is important you find one that offers all of the types of moving services you need like we do here at Free Range Movers. While some people only need a local moving company for a move in Boulder or a nearby suburb, others need long-distance moving companies for moves outside of Boulder or even out of state. Typically, if the move is within 50 miles, we consider it a local move. Anything that goes beyond 50 miles falls into the category of a long-distance move. How far you move will directly dictate which home moving companies can help, but here at Free Range Movers, we have you covered.

If the move goes beyond Colorado, finding interstate moving companies may be next on your list. We can help with small and large moves. We come into your home, filling our trucks with everything you have packed and move it all to the destination of your choice. Long-distance moving services are very helpful if the move is several states away as that way you can drive on your own or fly to your destination, and all of your belongings will safely make their way to you with our team of certified professionals. Part of what makes us one of the best long-distance moving companies around Boulder is that we also double as one of the premier relocation moving companies. We help you get everything you own to your destination so you can start your new life with as little hassle as possible.

Professional Packers and Movers in Boulder

If you do not have the time to pack and move everything, you can also hire our packers and movers who can pack everything and then move it for you. Our Boulder packing and moving services do increase the cost, but you get a lot more for what you pay for than when you simply hire one of our competing residential moving companies of Boulder to move your stuff. Our packers and movers come in, pack up everything you tell them you need packed, load everything onto our truck, then deliver it all to the destination of your choosing. You can count on us as your movers in Boulder! We can also unpack at your new home if you want us to, making the moving process seamless.

As a top-rated moving company in Boulder we offer packing and moving services because we know how much it can make moving easier for our customers. We know how to pack up items to be more efficient during moves. Proper packing keeps the items safer and allows more items to be packed into smaller spaces. This can make any relocation or move easier, whether it is to the other side of Boulder or the other side of the country.

A Local Moving Company Can Also Help With Your Heavy Furniture

Only a few people think about using a furniture moving service like ours when they have something heavy to move. Why move that piano out if you can have someone like us do it for you and spare your back? Many Boulder full service moving companies like ours will help with anything from a piece of heavy furniture that needs to be moved up a staircase, to a full household needing to be moved across the United States. As your premier moving company in Boulder we are here for you. If you need help moving anything, all you need to do is make a phone call to us now and we will be there to help as your full service movers in Boulder.

There are also Boulder furniture moving companies that specialize in moving furniture around. Do you want a new look for your home? It could be as simple as calling us to come over to rearrange your living or family room. We will do the heavy lifting while you pick where your sofa, armoire, or projection television should go to best utilize the room. You get the room you want and do not wind up sore at the end. That is a win-win.

As Boulder’s Top Rated Moving Company We Also Offer Commercial Moving Services

When comparing the top-rated moving companies of Boulder, make sure to keep in mind that we are not simply a residential moving company. Instead, you can also hire us as a commercial moving company in Boulder. We can come in, pick up boxes of work documents, equipment, or inventory, and move it to a new corporate location. If your move is under a tight time frame, you can call us in, have us pack, move, and unpack for you, and keep going about serving your customers. We will do all the hard work, and you can keep your customers happy during what would normally be a tumultuous time.

Free Range Movers of Boulder, Colorado

We are proud to have established an amazing reputation here in Boulder because of our philosophy. When it comes to finding a mover in Boulder just take a look at our over 60 positive reviews on Google to set your mind at ease! Next time you are looking for a moving company in Boulder look no further than Front Range Movers. We’ve got you covered whether you are looking to move across town or across the country!


There are many types of moving companies in Boulder, but none are as qualified or unique as we are here at Free Range Movers. We surpass local moving companies, long-distance moving companies, and offer more services than our competition. No matter what type of move you have in store, our professionals are available to make the task easier for you and to provide whatever type of help you need. There’s no need to try to move on your own. It will only leave you frustrated and in pain. Instead, turn to one of the top-rated moving companies in Boulder. Turn to Free Range Movers. We are here to help!