The freshest full-service moving company in Boulder, CO.

We’re small by design and as a result, we’re (pound for pound) the best movers around.

Our Philosophy

Moving is so stressful! We’re here to take care of that.

We believe the best way to achieve this is by treating our customers with care and respect. We have an owner-operator on every job to assure the highest quality move and provide the best customer service possible.

Our Services

Full-service local and long distance moving, packing, loading/unloading, staging, de-cluttering and downsizing consultation.

Free Rangers In Action

A talented and trustworthy team.

Our Pricing

All jobs come with a positive can-do attitude.

Free Range Mover’s Pricing


Two hour minimum and a $20 fuel surcharge minimum. Time is prorated to the nearest quarter-hour after the first two hours. This rate is for 3 movers, 1 truck, all the necessary moving supplies,  and insurance. It can be adjusted to fit your needs (more movers, more trucks, more supplies, etc.). Travel time is added outside of downtown Boulder for time driving from the lot to the job or from the job to the lot.  Fuel charges are proportionate to distance.
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